Sunday, July 1, 2012

Williams Family Reunion

 We had so much fun at the Williams Family reunion too. Now looking back, I realized I didnt take very many pictures :/.I am so sad, because we had so much fun. 

 1st day we went to Sand Hallow lake. It was so much fun! it doesnt look like it now, but the water was CLEAR! It was so cool! we had so much fun wake boarding and tubing.

 The studly Men :)

 We played at the big pool at the condos ALOT! 

 Sweet baby Harper was blessed. I need to find my picture that I took at her blessing. It was the sweetest blessing. :)

This was at the movie theaters, right after we did our big family picture ( which will come soon!)
we all went and saw Brave, and loved it!

It was such a great Vacation, and it will be fun going back again!

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