Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lake Tahoe Weekend Getaway

 Joe and I , in 8 years, have NEVER left our kids overnight. Ever. Now that we live by my parents, we thought we would try it out!
So off to Tahoe we went. 
We found a "bed and breakfast" cottage right on the lake. It was so nice and cozy. It was perfect. We stayed 2 nights, and it was so fun and relaxing. Very much needed.
 When we got there, our name was on our cottage door, the fire was going, and there were homenade goodies for us. It was so nice.

 when you walk out the door, and follow the little path, you run right into the lake.

 The Dock was literally right there
It was so beautiful

 The view from the dock. All the little cottages...

 We ate lunch at this really nice lodge restraunt on the lake. It was so good 

Getting ready to hot tub, right in the snow. I loved that.
We got to wear special robes down to the hot tub... :)

Everytime we came back to the room, there were homemade treats for us....

Just eating, and going to movies, and relaxing. It was a weekend I will never forget. We had so much fun spending time together. And when we got back to our kids, we loved and appreciated them even more .... :)

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