Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring, St Pattys, and Daddy-Daughter Dance

 I love Spring. It has been SO beautiful here. 

As soon as the girls get home from school, we ride bikes in our coldesac, until dinner time. Then after dinner we play at the park across the street until dark. Its just been so nice, the girls cant get enough. 

The girls have been working on their spring recitals for dance. They love love love dance.

Abigail always trying to follow what brooky does.....

 Abigail is getting so big, so fast. She will be a big sister very soon... 

St Pattys...

 I just snapped this before church on St patty's day.... I love my little girlies...... :)

Daddy daughter Dance
 Daddy daughter dance is a HUGE thing here. People get limos, go to dinner, and the girls were so excited for it. They had a blast. 
I wish they would have taken pics at the dance.... But I knew that would never happen... :)
I am glad they had fun though. They love their daddy.

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