Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Joe got a new position in his company, and he is now a DM (District Manager) We feel so blessed, and it was a miracle he got this position. He loves it, and his territory now touches down in San luis obispo which is so fun for us, now we can go with him on work trips and go to the beach! It was really really hot for a few days in a row in Fresno, so we decided to head down 2 hours into 75 degree weather. It was so fun and relaxing with just our little family. The pool was on our back porch of our hotel room. We swam and swam. 
 Thw Avila beach farm was just a mile away. We love this farm
 Hay rides- Feeding the animals-Homemade Ice cream- Fudge-candy shop

We ate at  a yummy 50's diner for dinner one night

One day we went to Avila hot springs. Another favorite. Because its chilly down here, the pool water is 90 degrees! and of course the hot springs are HOT! We swam all day long... went to the beach... then came back and swam some more..

The beach was just a couple miles from our Hotel. It was warm and sunny, and the girls had a blast

 Sweet Kambree did this the entire time...

My favorite was relaxing at the hotel. We had our shows on, and the girls watched movies from the i pads. Brooklyn loved combing the girls hair, over and over again,

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